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The "New Perfect Profile" for Getting into The UCs

For fall 2023 admission, the UC system had another record-breaking year with 245,768 applicants for its nine undergraduate colleges. Always topping the list of best colleges, each school has its own variety of degrees and specialties offered as well as different acceptance rates.

Please join our webinar to learn about what the UCs are looking for in their applicants, what type of student profiles have the most success in getting acceptances from the UCs, and how ACE can level up your profile.

How to Build Your Extracurricular Activities Profile for Stand-Out College Applications

Extracurricular activities profiles play a significant role in college admissions. So how do you go about building one? Do colleges care about the quantity over quality of activities? How can you distinguish yourself from other applicants?

This is the time to showcase to colleges your passions and accomplishments outside of the classroom. Reserve your spot in our free seminar to learn what an extracurricular activities profile is, what it means to colleges, and what steps you can take to build it.