Welcome FLEX College Prep Online

The current efforts to mitigate the effects of the COVID19 virus have created a very difficult situation for students with the closing of school campuses and forced transition to online/remote learning.

Here’s how FLEX can help:

1. Free access to our AP Video Library

FLEX College Prep has opened up FREE access to its video library of AP Subject Videos in order to provide an extra resource for students looking to prepare for their upcoming AP exams. Simply sign up for a FREE account and you can watch all the videos available in our library.

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2. Online Intensive Prep for May 2020 AP Exams

College Board announced that 2020 AP Exams will modified in format and content (https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update). During the month of April, FLEX will offer virtual classes to prepare for the modified AP Exams.

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3. FREE Online SAT Prep

SAT Lectures For Beginners. FLEX SAT Lectures introduce test-taking strategies and an intro to the major topics covered on the SAT. Program materials and resources include study guides, in-class assignments, and homework, with an option for paid Homework Review Sessions.

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4. Online SAT Subject Test Prep Courses

The March and May SAT Subject Test exams have been cancelled, but the June exams are currently scheduled to take place. FLEX will offer SAT Subject Test courses in May to prepare for the June exams. We will closely monitor the status of the June exam and make modifications as needed.

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5. Online Subject Tutorials and Private Tutoring

FLEX has a team of expert tutors that can meet remotely to provide help in any subject you need.

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6. Online Applications and College Essay (ACE) Services

FLEX is expanding its online essay editing services for students writing application essays as well as academic papers.

For Class of 2021 Students

For Class of 2021 students, FLEX will release a low cost UC application service that will help students work through matters related to the application process remotely.

7. Live Stream Seminars

For our popular informational seminars that cover a range of topics related to the admissions process, FLEX will offer live-steam and/or VOD options so families can gain information from the safety and convenience of their own homes.

Stay tuned for more info.