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Common App Common Mistakes

Are you thinking about applying to a private or out-of-state university? In 2023, over 1.2 million students used the Common Application to apply to colleges. The Common App is an undergraduate college application that students may use to apply to more than 840 different colleges and universities in the US, Canada, China, Japan, and various European countries.

Join our webinar to learn more about the Common App and how your student can rise to the top of the applicant pool by avoiding common mistakes that could derail their application.

The "New Perfect Profile" For Getting Into The UCs/How Has ChatGPT Affected College Admissions?

For fall 2023 admission, the UC system had another record-breaking year with 245,768 applicants for its nine undergraduate colleges. Always topping the list of best colleges, each school has its own variety of degrees and specialties offered as well as different acceptance rates.

Please join our in person seminar to learn about what the UCs are looking for in their applicants, what type of student profiles have the most success in getting acceptances from the UCs as well as how chatgpt has affected college admissions.

Upcoming ACE Preview Essay Workshops

ACE Preview Workshops

    With FLEX's Application & College Essay (ACE) Program, students are always prepared for the latest changes in college admissions requirements including the growing importance of the college essay. A great college essay highlights a student’s personal attributes, how they are unique from their peers, and the kind of impact they can contribute in their community.

    Now more than ever, college essays are incredibly important in the college admission process, an opportunity to share who the student is outside of the classroom and how they can be an asset to their selected campus.

    In this College Essay Workshop, students will learn how to address the essay topic in a way that is specific, personal, cohesive, and that aligns with what colleges are looking for in a stand-out student. Students work closely with their FLEX essay specialist to develop their own topics and to ensure that their unique voices are reflected in their Common Application.

    While students are honing their essay-writing skills, parents will have the opportunity to learn more about the College Admissions process and ask questions that are specific to their student.

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